A slowing down in blog posting

Ever since I started this blog I have had lots of great ideas for posts that were in my head already, books I've been reading, from my friends or just some crazy theological topics that got me thinking!

I've reached my 270th post since March when I began this blog. I made it a point to try to blog at least on post a day during week days and randomly on weekends. I have taken off some week days rarely, like yesterday.

But I have reached a point finally where my stash of extra draft ideas are almost all used up. Which is a good thing in some ways. I am actually blogging, what I have set out to do. But now I am running dr on my surplus, so I say all that to speak the obvious....

I will likely be posting less often. Instead of posting every day, I will be posting whenever I have a good topic and can formulate a good post. Although I for sure will likely post 2 or 3 times a week, cause I enjoy posting and writing.