AW or 2 oL

I am super excited about Over The Hill Productions Website...
I overhauled it Yesterday. That was fun. Not all the content is there but the template and everything is much more professional looking and nice.


Learning to relax

My job, moving freight, can sometimes be very frustrating. I like to do a good job and it is fun when the freight is easy to move and I get way above average statistics that impress the ole boss. But you do not always get good freight and can not always get great numbers. Some freight is just rough.

My problem is I am high-strum and get upset with myself when I am not running the freight as fast as I would like. But as a good friend told me today, just relax. Calm down, you are getting paid my the hour. And there simply are a lot of things you cannot control.

A lot of other great things took place today before this unsettling seemingly unproductive day at work so I need to just relax and enjoy the good things. And next time I have tough freight, just relax and do the best I can as long as it takes but not purposes slowing down...

The Good:
Unexpected 9.7 out of 10 on a paper returned to me
Chatting with this girl
I overhauled overthehillrecords.com - it looks nice now...

Besides annoying freight, my hours are also getting cut which is upsetting but more time for other things is a good thing in some respects, just waiting or the recession to end so I can earn more money, get out of debt, etc.

That is what is up with me


habits for death

Habits I keep despite the fact I know that they are killing me:

Fast food - 2 0r 3 (sometimes more) times a week

Lack of exercise - I am busy with school and work but there is no excuse for all the time online, say Facebook, I could be using to exercise

Sleeping in - Sometimes it is necessary sleep that just happens to coincide with a weird work schedule but other times I don't sleep enough and leads to too much sleep other times.

Not keeping my room organized/clean enough

Unnecessary arguments with my brother for the fun of it

Defying Evolution

http://www.rae.org/revev5.html Revolution against Evolution