Stress is often misunderstood

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Wednesday Link List

Here are this weeks' links:

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2. Rest time: the foundation of performance by Coaching Postitive Performance

3. Learning how to use Positive Self-Talk by Martina G. McGowan

4. Science Explains Why Slacking Online Really Makes You More Productive by LifeHacker
5. Stress is Often Misunderstood by Alex Dolin

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My need for control made me sick

During my trip to Lynchburg, Va, a few weeks back, I met up with some friends. These friends wanted to take me out to dinner. I love food and quickly obliged. The only catch was that they  wanted to drive me. Normally that is not a problem. Well, this trip in the car was quite the journey. We missed a few turns, the car was barreling down the roads and take turns a little too quick. I was sitting in the back seat hoping that I would not get sick. I was wishing that I was in control and driving the car. I almost puked. I am glad that we made it to the destination safely and no one got hurt or sick. But this was a quick lesson on control for me. I wanted to drive the car myself, I thought i could get to the destination safely and I would not get sick.

Let's face it, we all want to be in control, but how realistic is it to be able to control of everything?

To live our best life, we need to first recognize what we can control. First we can identify what it is that we do have the power to change.  Then we must let go of everything else and focus on that, the 'everything else' suddenly starts to fall into place.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how we respond to it... so if you are thinking that what you can control is limited, think again!