Frustrations at work

I started working at UPS Freight in Sept. of 2008. Through-out my first year, my family had to put up with me even when I was extremely frustrated because of work. I do not really like my job that much, it is easy but it comes with a lot of frustration especially when the managers are stressed. Then the loaders get stressed and then everyone takes out their stress on the unloaders. There a lot of other things at work that cause stress and frustration besides that though. The point is I would come home and complain about my job a lot.

Anyways, some of the things that cause frustration at work has not been effecting me a lot recently. Possibly I am getting better at my job, maybe I am becoming a better/patient person, but more likely I am getting used to the frustration and dealing with it properly.

Ever since Late December, I have been less frustrated. There have been three key things that helped me out:

1. Working 2 jobs in the month of November was a nightmare. I literally did not sleep. I worked on school in-between an 8-hour job and another 6-8 hour job. Having so much on my plate made me prioritize. I had to focus on just surviving so I did my best at work and tried not to worry about all the stress.

2. Friends at work telling my to "slow down" and relax. I work hard, they said 'too hard'. They told me how it is not worth working really hard because then the company will 'take advantage' of you. Honestly I still do not agree with everything they are saying and I want to work hard to glorify God, not man, but I took some of their advice and it has actually has helped me. I am not as stressed out and frustrated.

3. My step-father, Jim, told me to think about the customer. Besides working hard for God and obeying authority as God commands. Another good motivation, for me, is to think about the customers. The mangers my not know what is best or know what they are doing completely but that is not my job to worry about. I do what they tell me to do and do it for the customer.

Ever since I came back form my "vacation," (right after all three of the points just took place), I have felt more comfortable at work than ever. I still think that some people have no idea what they are doing but I do not have to worry about those things anymore. The work is easy. Most of the people are nice and I have developed a lot of relationships there. God is pointing out people he wants me to pray for and get to know better.

I am not sure why I am blogging this to be honest. I know that I still dislike my job but I am more relaxed there and not as frustrated as I have been.