This is very unfortunate but interesting news,

The census reports more unmarried couples living together.

"Next one Channel One News, ...Moral are thrown out the window..."


TV Choices

Sometimes I listen to talk radio, it can be intriguing to hear other people yap about ...well, usually nothing. Why? Becuase talk radio is typically "exaggerated non-sense".
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In talk radio, they struggle sometime to find important or interesting things to talk about....so some of the time is down time or boring meaningless crap....
When I was listening, it was one of those times, the topic...
Television and culture
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The thesis was that Americans have WAY TOO many choices of TV channels. Gen Y has acess to hundreds of specialized channels to feed their own personal interests. Previos generations had considerably less choice in TV options. My grandparents only had 6 channels on their analog TV before they got Direct TV.
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My parents talk about the days of "black and white TV," as if it were yesterday and how the first color channel was SO exciting! Now they have Time Warner Cable and view all thier favorite channels over extremely colorful HDMI.

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Getting back to the talk radio...the host of the show was saying that TV ratings channel-wide have been going down on a whole! The more channels wew have the lowwer the ratings drop, according to his theroy.

Okay, so logically speaking, this seems to make some sense. If all other things stayed the same and the only change occuring was addition of more channels, then it would be natural for ratings on all channels as a whole to drop a little. The rating would divde with the other newwer channels and naturally the more poular channels would remain with higher ratings.

The weird thing is that NOT ALL things are remaining the same....Today there are more people watching TV than at any other time. The number of viewers as a whole is going UP. So the host of the radio show was trying to figure this all out. He would assume that ALL ratings as a whole should be going up too! But they are not....

Anyways that is pretty much meaningless, random, and fun to think about...thanks for wasting your time on my blog. :)

I think that part fo the deal is that you can watch shows on the internet for free. That is what I do and this does not effect TV ratings.


Old schools games online

Earlier this summer, apparently I had time to waste....and I did. I was good at wasting time.....

I was playing old school video games from my computer! That is right. I found emulators + roms for the emulators for my computer. So I was able and still am able to play the classic video games from the N64, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, and Old School regular Nintendo days! Also I found PS and PS2 emulators but I couldn't get them working on my computer.
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It was fun playing the original (and best) Mario Kart...not Kart Wii, Not Kart 64, but OLD SCHOOL Mario Kart for Super Nes!
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And my other fav is Mario Golf for N64, because it has putt-putt features. The newer Wii and Gamecube version eliminated the putt-putt feature. :(
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I blame Mario Kart....jk lol

So many Gen Yers and younger have ADD.
Our attention spans are shot! We grew up with an electronic baby setter...the television.Go to fullsize image
At that time our parents did not know they were creating little monsters who would have NO attention spans. It was still relatively new (the TVs).
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Then, we grew addicted to the screen...next came some amazing classic video games where the screen had a lot of action every millisecond keeping our attention....(you know what I am talking about OLD SCHOOL Nintendo consoles!)

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Then we grew into the "age of maturity," we got our own screens of attention, laptops...and we watched the drama unfold every five minuets (or less) on the AIM statuses and now the Facebook notifications!!!! (lol)
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My favorite era was the era of the Mario Kart! Good stuff!
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My lancaster story....

So my family moved to Lancaster, Oh about two years ago exactly. My parents got better jobs and what not. For me it was no big deal because I was still a college student in my hometown of Athens, Oh at Ohio University. All my high school and college friends were still in Athens, where I lived. I was living on campus with some friends. Until about March this year, I had not embraced the move to Lancaster. Map of Ohio showing Lancaster
Lancaster, Oh is not too far from Athens, about 45 minuets...but even better it is not that far from Columbus, 30 minuets or so...
Now I am adjusting to living in the new house: smaller house, with a lot less land property, and a lot more neighbors in a close proximity. And all my friends are not near me. It is weird. So I am starting a new social life. I need more young adult Lancaster friends....


gas prices and "Shipping and Handling"

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Question: How will the rising gas effect UPS, DHL, Fedex...?
Will they still be able to run business with out raising prices?
If they do raise prices how will it affect their business?
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Or are they still making out okay because of their efficiency and shire mass shipping?
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The truth is we the consumer have to pay for the price of shipping and handling no matter what, if that means paying UPS a few bucks more for shipping in to our door or if it means paying $50 extra at Walmart for "artificial inflation," I talked about in a previous post. We still have to pay for shipping either way! So in a since that might actually benefit UPS if they can figure out how to use it to thier advantage. Right?