How do we "do discipleship" with with all people?

I have a heart for certain people and I do not know how "disciple" them. The traditional ways of meeting with them on a regular basis to get into their life, to pray with them and read the Bible together does not seem to be attractive to them....

- People who do not care about spiritual things, who do not want to talk about faith (if they have any at all). How do you evangelize this person?
- Ty
-People who are way too busy.
-People who are not committed.
-People who are annoying and hard to love.
- People who have been rejected by the church before.

Should true discipleship be narrow (Jesus really focused on three and then 12 then the masses. He used "concentric circles" of those who wanted to be disciples....)

I love these people. I want to see them grow their respective faiths. I have tried to show them why getting into the Word together is so important, yet they always have excuses. Maybe they are too busy or have bad priorities but what can we do to help these kinds of people? (And the others mentioned above?)