Yard Sales every weekend...

Dominion subdivision in Northern Lancaster, Oh - where I live there is almost always a ton of weekend yard sales when the weather is decent or better. Here are some pics just from today's sales:

Everyone has got junk...my conspiracy is that the junk stays in the same neighborhood but keeps getting shuffled from house to house, yard sale to yard sale....

Organized my room...

let's see it will probably only last about a week. But it looks nice now right?

Me and Musical Instruments

Got a mandolin in the middle of May... and started playing it it the day I got it. It is a cheapo mandolin but so awesome.
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My previous musical experience really helped me play the mandolin. I started learning the bass guitar when I was a sophomore in High School. then in college as a sophomore I learned guitar. Now that I ma a first year Master's student I am learning mandolin. I honestly never planned it all out like that, but it is fun.
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So far the transition to mandolin is a piece of cake, all my fingers are used to being moved all around and such. The chords are totally different but it makes logic sense because the tuning of the strings is backwards.

The hardest transition, so far, was from bass to guitar. That is going from one note at a time to a full chord.

Three instruments that I am interested in learning possibly in the future are violin/fiddle, cello, and banjo.
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My mom is learning violin. It is not anything like the other strings. I am not sure how I feel about the whole bow thing.

But my friend has a banjo - there are a lot of wicked strumming patterns on that thing that I'm not used to, but it is cool.

Idk...I might try my hand at drums. I am not too bad at it.


Lost Dreamer

I let my walls down

I left my high towers

I was ready for something new
I was interested in you

I left my kingdom

I came looking for you

I thought you might have room for me in your kingdom

So I began knocking gate of your kingdom

But your walls were still high and mighty

And I had no clue

I artificially gave you a room in my kingdom

But you were not there

You were still in your kingdom

You were still in your high towers

You were looking at my from a distance

With binoculars

You would not let your walls down

You would not come to me

What are Evangelicals to do?

Evangelicals are not going for the Democratic agenda. (especially not the more liberal agenda of Obama.) And Evangelicals have reservations about McCain too.
Who are Evangelicals going to vote for?
I remember everyone was saying four years ago they were voting Bush as the lesser of two evils.
That is interesting. Now the same people are wondering if Kerry was the lesser evil, while others wonder how much more evil Kerry would have been...
Well, in the end it comes down to our two-party system. At least that is what I think. The two parties leave a difficult dilemma for any individual (evangelical or not). Most people are not one-platform believers. What I mean is that hardly anyone agrees with every single aspect of one particular party. A two party system does not really represent everyone. I know people like to vote on a couple of really important issues, but think about that a minuet. How smart is that really? We are picking a President all aspects of what he believes is important and can change our society not just the social issues!
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(random but funny pics sorry they have little to do w post)
I understand that changing the party system is practically impossible. So am not leaving much of a solution, but just thinking out loud. What might change everything for this year' election would be the VP selection. McCain and Huckabee ticket anyone?

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So funny and so awesome


Some of my friends being goofy at Spring Fling retreat.


Join me in my quest for one hundred...

I started a 6-week program to get my upper half in better shape with the simple but tried and try push up.
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The program is called one hundred push ups I recommend you go to the website and check it out. I started in the average "3 category" after the initial test.
Anyone who knows me, knows that I do not have big arms (like this guy):

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But I will say after the first few days my arms hurt, and it feels good. I am proud of myself so far. And want to fulfill the challenge of being able to achive one hundred consecutive push ups in one setting (eventually).
Will you join me?

Exercise May Protect Girls From Future Breast Cancer



What is essential to Christian faith?

Or better yet simply to the to Gospel message?

I have been learning a great deal that a lot of things in the Christian faith are non-essentials.
My question is what are the absolute essentials?
What must a person believe to get into Heaven?
What must a church agree on in order for it to be Evangelical/Protestant?
What are the "essentials" that Augustine speaks of and are they the same today?
What are the major Agreements?

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Okay, that is a lot of questioning. That is enough for one day. What do you think?
And yes I understand that the answers to each of those questions are different....


Just a Question

why are conservatives upset about Evangelist manifesto? I don't get it.
I think that the manifesto is great and even if people are not signing it, we can at least reflect on and work with some of the ideas pointed out in the document and critic our own faith system.
What is the big deal?


http://www.christianpost.com/article/20080508/32296_Evangelical_Statement_on_Faith,_Politics_Stirs_Up_Religious_Right.htmGo to fullsize image


I ruptured my ear drum

Last week I went swimming.
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Which was fun, but
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afterward I had water stuck in my ear...
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no big deal, swimmer ear right?
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Wrong! I have ear infection + ruptured ear drum
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base our world view on Bible

This seems simple but it is a truth that somehow is lost in today's Christianity.
But we need to base our world view on the Bible.



Here is the outlined Intertesmental Jewish World view:
Phase I: Creation – God spoke the world into being. They did not argue facts or methods, they had faith in God in doing this. They believed that God said it was “good.” Still today we look at this word “good” and study the implications.
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Phase II: The Fall – Humans rebelling against God, a spiritual treason we call sin. Sin results in broken relationship with God, one that once was perfect. We are guilty and liable to God for punishment.
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Phase III: Regeneration or Redemption – God has taken action to restore our relationship with Him. He wants to redeem us and reverse our present state. God is working his “redemptive history.” This has two parts: Part one: God or God’s agent will come into history and radically change how salvation works in order to redeem us. Part two: God will defeat Satan. This will directly and conclusively deal with the facts and consequences of sin.
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Phase IV: Consummation/End of the World – fellowship and harmony restored between God and man. The Fall is reversed. Then there are several different eschatological theories.

How did so many Jews miss the fact that Jesus is the answer (in the past two thousand years!?!) Jesus is the one addition that is essential to my world view.

We believe that God exists (Heb. 11:6) and that He is the standard by which we measure everything else. God created everything that exists (Gen.1:1) and everything is held together by Him (Col. 1:17). We believe the Bible is God's divinely inspired Word, revealed to mankind (2 Tim. 3:16). We believe that the fullness of God came to earth and lived in the human body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth 2,000 years ago (Col. 1:19). We believe that mankind chose to rebel against God in the Garden of Eden and because of that act of rebellion, sin and death entered the world (Rom. 5:12-14). We believe that believing in (John 3:15-19, 5:24), and obeying (Luke 8:21, John 3:20, John 14:21, 23-24), Jesus Christ is the only way to have eternal life or to be reunited with God (Acts 4:10-12).
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