Life is worth living


Living with questions
We all have questions. We all need answers. It is good though to have more questions than answers. Life is a journey. We learn something new everyday.
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Living with answers
Knowing the truth will set us free. The truth, though, is not always easy to deal with. It takes time to wrestle with. Knowing the answer to question leads us to ask more questions. Sometimes we do not always like the truth, it can be harsh. But the truth, nevertheless, sets us free.

Living with God
Living with God, the Master of all things created, can be tough as well. It can be amazing also. We may think we know what is best or what is going to happen next in life, but only one Divine Being holds the truth and the future. He is the one we need to know to find truth and to be set free. He can truly fulfill us. None of our man made plans will ever fulfill the void only God can.
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Life is a journey
Life is amazing. It can feel like a roller coaster ride. It can suck, but then it can also feel like you are on a mountain top. But I challenge you to see life asa journey...not from one extreme to another but see and remember the stuff in between. Remember the path that gets you where you are going. Remember your friends that helped you. Remeber the memories that forged you into the right direction and not just hte end results.

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Life is a struggle
There will be times when we are struggling. There will be times of pain and suffering. Life is not eay. Even for the Christian, Jesus never said it would be easy. THere will be times when we need other and we need God to help us through.
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Worth it all
In the end it is worth it all wiht Christ.

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