My "PC"

Most people who know me, know that I try not to be insensitive, (especially when it comes to race and 'diversity') but but when it comes to my faith and politics, I can be bold and blunt. Although today at work I was very politically correct(PC) and it felt weird...

At work they had "mandatory Saturday and mandatory Sunday." For one thing I was a little angry because when they hired me on, they knew that I worked at UPS Freight on Saturdays and that I go to church every Sunday (yes, one of those guys). Having Sundays off was "not a problem" for the person who hired me. And he made no mention of this "mandatory Saturdays and Sundays." Although apparently there was "limited" communications (hilarious inside job if you know where I am working) between the hiring staff and the actual managers. So I called off of work at UPS Freight so that I could be a good seasonal employee (besides the fact that I made more money and got more hours at the seasonal job.) While these mandatory weekend days are not every weekend, I was still shocked that nobody told me about this in advance!

Anyways..."My PC" event this morning to boss: "I will not be at work tomorrow (Sunday) because I have a leadership role at a spiritual institution that I am committed to...."

Could i have been any more vague? I knew that my boss could not deny a committed spiritual zealot from his service. And if he wanted to challenge the truth to the statement all he has to do is "google" my name - it will appear on my church's website, my blog/facebook - both which show the passion I have for my church.

Anyways in case my boss is reading this post. I will leave it at that. I just needed to reflect and thought that this political correctiveness on my part was entertaining, liberal, odd and not like me at all! I honestly feel weird abut that statement although it is true.