my ridiculous lifestyle

What is wrong with me? I got a seasonal first shift job so I am still making money since UPSF has put me "on call" for the winter. It works perfect when I am not called in but when I do work both jobs my life is ridiculous:

Here is an example:

4:30AM - wake up
- shower, pack lunch, eat breakfast/leftovers, start car,

5-5:45AM drive to work

6AM-2:30PM - Seasonal job

2:30-4:30 - Panera Bread napping and/or School work
(from 3:30-4:30 I am waiting for call from UPSF boss to see if I am working)

4:30-5 - eat dinner somewhere in Columbus ( if I am called into work, and depends on what I want) If not called in drive home

5-5:30 - drive to UPS Freight
If not called-in - eat dinner

6-10PM - work at UPSF
(or school work from 6-9PM if not called in and bed time at 9/9:30PM)

10-10:30PM - drive home

11PM-4:30AM - SLEEP