What is legacy about anyways?

Think about it with me for a minuet.
The things we do to impress people...
like wearing certain clothing, buying a nice car, building a big house, working for the right company, planning a nice career, knowing the right people, etc...
The reality is that in a century (give or take a few decades), all of our generation will be dead. You (and myself) and everyone that knows/knew you as well. Eventually everyone who has ever have remembered you will pass away...for many people, that is all legacy is. A few memories. Far less will anyone remember your nice clothing, cars, homes, career, etc.
The few exceptions, the few people that have left a memorial legacy (you know the people who made it into the textbooks) are not in their, are not remembered by their things: clothing, homes, cars, etc....they are remembered by their actions. Besides, there are a lot of names in textbooks that people who read the books ignore...they say "who cares?" It is history.

Legacy, what will you be remembered by? And who will care? Who will remember you?