Websites I check compusevely (Not everyday)

Besides my emails, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter profiles:

Most of these websites send me email subscriptions (so I don't access their web page directly very often but I do read the articles in the emails) sometimes I click on a link in the email that leads me to their site.

- Culture Connection Updates

- Daily Devotions

www.tjosm.com - The Journal of Student Ministries Updates

http://www.SimplyYouthMinistry.com - Simply Youth Newsletter and Podcast reminders

The Boundless Show- Boundless Webzine

Plugged In - Focus on the Family's Culture Connection

Youth Walk - Walk through the Bible Ministry for Youth leaders, weekly devotionals

Youth Ministry / Group Magazine - Youth Ministry.com Newsletters

CPYU.org - CPYU Newsletter: Youth Culture, articles

http://www.cyfm.net/- Center for Youth and Family Ministry Newsletters