Interview Question

So I was at an interview today and a question I had not heard came up...it made me think and I froze a little. The gentleman interviewing me was generous and gave me time to think and after I gave an artificial reply smiled and gave me a life lesson. He was pretty nice.

The Questions: "LONG-TERM where do you see your self...by long term I mean at age 47...where do you want to be?"

(I was thinking, 'age 47? I have not thought past the next 5 or 10 years, far less doubling my life experience!!!)

I said, "Well, long term I would like to become a professor at some point, hopefully well BEFORE age 47!"

Then the interviewer said, "You have not heard that question before have you? When I went to my first interview, 17 years ago, they asked me that question. From that day forward I figured out what my life goals where and to this day am on my way at achieving them."

I couldn't resist, " And your goal is..."

"I wanted be retired by the time I am 47!"

It was interesting 'interview.' I do not know, most interviews are a lot more formal and life lessons are not talked about....but this guy was nice and wanted to talk not just interview it seemed like. I am not sure if that is such a good thing or not though.