Serious Question

The Lord has impressed my heart to share the Gospel in my neighborhood. I am new to the area.
It is suburbia and I really hate it....but I want to be obedient.
I used my status on Facebook and Twitter to ask a question:
"Any good ideas for suburbia evangelism?"

None of my friends have thrown ideas out to me yet, but I googled "Suburbia Evangelism"
and guess what, I found a neat article and a helpful blog so far....

So now I ask my blog audience (all two of you) for some ideas....
What are some creative or practical ways to share my faith in Suburbia...
(click the photo for Steve McCoy's "Mission to Suburbia Resource guide"!)
Yeah I realize it is ultimately about relationships, but how do I make the connection...should I just talk? hold a dinner party? Or what kinds of ideas come to mind?

In Christ,