Ohio University

I made a recent visit to Ohio University and I fell in love with Athens all over again.

Why I fell in love...
The buildings, the brick, the beauty.
Atmosphere of learning, of loving, of having fun!
Campus Crusade for Christ.
The nature, the trees, the park areas.

Why I am biased...
I spent my 4 years of ungrad there.
And I lived in Athens for 6 years before my ungrad as well. It is a nice little town.
And I moved to a larger, noisier, busier, more real life town and it is the opposite of Athens.

It is whole another world compared to the rest of Ohio.
Just a small little college town in the middle of no where but yet 20,000 college aged students come together. It is awesome. The weather there too is unlike any of other place in the world too.