Question of the Day

Will we miss those who are not in Heaven when we are in Heaven?

A member of my church mentioned, during a rabbit trail of his sermon, that Christians will not miss those who are not in Heaven, because Heaven is perfect...there is not more tears, pain, suffering, etc...therefore it must be so.

I do not know if that is true. I do not know if it is even something we can know for sure. But at first thought I recall that there is tears in Heaven. Although it is Christ Jesus who wipes away those tears. I am not sure I even like that line of thinking, because an extreme case of this type of thinking will lead to hyper-Calvinism... "I don't need to share the Gospel, cause God is ultimately in control and did not want everyone in Heaven in the first place and I will not miss any one who is not up there any way!"

Albeit, this person was NOT preaching a Calvinistic sermon and he is not a hyper-Calvinist by any means. He did not mean it that way, but when reflecting on this question that thought came to my mind.

To me, it is vital that we think about eternal life while we live in this temporary one. It is vital that we share our faith. And while I do not want to merely give out "get out of jail free cards." I do think that the after life, Heaven and Hell can, will, and should motivate us Christians to share our faith and the unsaved to act upon the Good News. Becuase Hell is real.

We should build relationships of discipleship and not merely save'm and leave'm. Of course. But do not forget about how real and life changing the message of Heaven and Hell really is.

Now back to the question:
"Will we miss those not in Heaven?

I have heard and read some pre-millinalist dispensationalists say that "Yes. We will miss those not Heaven."

So what do you think?