Fun and Funny:

Blonde on an Escalator Very Funny video - watch this!

Ball Droppings is an addicting and noisy play-toy. Balls fall from the top of the screen and bounce off the lines you are drawing with the mouse and it creates different sounds per bounce. It is a lot of fun!

There is Waldo!

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There is some hope for my generation.

Reclaiming the Mind article: The Coming Evangelical Collapse and the New Calvinism


Mercury—the tiny planet that causes big problems for evolution

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Some Real Scientists Reject Evolution

Evolution and the Peppered Moth: Misleading Textbook Example There are a lot of misleading "facts" that have been proven false n, a lot of assumptions that are false, a lot of lies in textbook about evolution still today!


Ghost Chili = The World's Hottest Pepper? Iv'e heard many claims to the world's hottest pepper...so is this true? IDK

Interesting article: "History" of status messages.