Paul’s strategy for ministry found in Philippians 4:9.

Paul’s basic strategy for ministry is multiplication. According to Mitchell this is the teacher Model form.[1] In verse nine, Paul is so confident in his own model that he encourages readers (the church of Philippi) to “do as you have seen me do!” This takes a lot of guts. As teachers, pastors and ministers there is a responsibility to lead our flocks and be the model example, but most teachers are not bold and confident enough to say it as straight-forward as Paul does here!

How I personally like to explain this approach is multiplication. Paul wants to make others like Him (in a spiritual sense). He says “what you have seen from me, what you have heard from me, what you have learned from me - put these things into practice. Do what I am doing! As teachers we need to be at that level where we can boldly proclaim that message to our flocks as well!

What is this multiplication that I keep referring to? Basically I think that Paul and Jesus both taught similarly about making disciples. We are to “go and make disciples of all nations…”[2] Paul and Jesus both command us to win others over for Christ. We are to share the Gospel with others and multiply the number of people in the Kingdom of Christ.

[1] Michael R. Mitchell, Sources and Forms of a Message.(Lynchburg, Va: Liberty University, 2004), 1-2.

[2] Mt. 28:19 NASB