I have a habit of reflecting on life, especially around the end of the year. This year I evaluated my goals that I made for 2009 and set out new goals for 2010.

This year had some really exciting blessings and of course some other difficult matters. It was not a bad year for me. I take the advice of my friend and can successfully say that I had the best year of my life while still being able to look forward to an even better "best year" ahead in 2010. For me and my friend we do not want to be one of those people that are constantly living in the past to "back in the day," remembering the "best times of old."

A lot of it is psychological, if you want to have a good year, you can. First off plan ahead, set goals for a good future and follow through. Seek the Lord! Pray for your needs and for your next year. Stay true to your relationship with God. he loves you and wants to bless you. Although it is a relationship and it takes work. Also keep a positive outlook and don't live in the past. Remember what God has been blessing you with. Don't forget the help of good quality friends, they are essential. Life of materials and money will let you down, but good friends who are there for you are irreplaceable.

So how did I do in 2009? Did I accomplish my goals that I had set?

For the most part, yes. When I set out the goals for 2009, I was in a different place than I am in now. I was in a rut in many areas of my life. I was glad to be where I was, but I began to get frustrated and burnt-out. Fortunately God had plans to motivate me and He showed me a lot of new things that challenged and grew me this year!

This year in ministry, Pastor Bill began mentoring me personally. I changed my primary ministry from youth to a more broad ministry perspective. I began the process of becoming an ordained minister and may have even found a calling in Chaplaincy.

Wow, that was a lot of motivating yet challenging changes. Since I left teaching the youth, I still had a strong desire to teach. My pastor has began opening up opportunities to teach and preach but our church is small. Fortunately though a good friend of mine had a vision to start a worship night and felt the Holy Spirit directing him to ask me to preach at these events! So know I still have the opportunity to teach on a regular basis.

This group of guys that had the idea for a worship night also hold a Bible study for College and career age people. I have been able to develop deep friendships with each of them! That has been one of the best blessings and encouragements through-out this past year. I had been in a rut spiritually and socially since I left Ohio University because I left a world of fellowship and discipleship. I lived in an apartment of strong Christian buddies, I was part of the Campus Crusade movement and I loved it. After leaving campus, I was alone and my church is small and does not offer the same kind of fellowship and spiritual excitement for college age people. Now that fire, passion and fellowship is back! These friends have really helped me a lot in accomplishing my goals spiritually this year.

One of my goals was to become a better saver and plan for the future. I have invested in the stock market, money markets and CD Savings accounts. I purchased a newer, safer, better fuel efficient vehicle.

My biggest problem this past year: wasting time online: facebook, popurls, the oatmeal, etc.

For 2010:

It is all about fitness. And not just physical fitness but all-around fitness:
1. Physically - I need to get in Army shape if I am going to become an Army Chaplain. I started doing this late summer, but injured my ankle. I recovered from that and now it is cold outside. Now I am just being a wimp.
2. Mentally/Time management - less time online, more time sharping my mind doing other things.
3. Spiritually - more consistent study. I am starting a reading plan to go through the entire Bible within the year.
4. Prayer life - more often and less about me.
5. Purity
6. financially- continue saving, sorry Wafflehouse, whom I do love.

All-around fitness, tweeking myself.

Final thoughts, I desire to share my faith continually and begin discipleship and deep growth in the Word with those who will follow. Despite any of my plans, I desire to do God's will. Amen.