Some Reflections after reading portions of Desiring God by John Piper

It is so good and cool that God is the happiest being. We can relate to God as our loving father and not our frustrated and angry Father. The reason we can be assured of God's happiness is in his sovereignty. Because God is sovereign – everything in this world is in order, according to God's plan will, and control! If things were out of His control, He would not be happy, nor would he be sovereign. Fortunately, He makes ALL THINGS work together for Him! Isaiah 46:9, 10 tells us that God accomplishes His purposes. This is also a very good thing because otherwise it would infer that there is a power greater than Him, something beyond God, worth working for. All things, means well everything. What is so wonderful but also hard to grasp is this fact: God's design covers calamities, sin, and evil. There is nothing that happens that God is not there, in control of, unaware of, a part of. Did you know that all evil that Satan causes has to pass by God's permission? There are a lot of misconceptions about evil, Satan, God, and His plan that sometimes get everyone off track and confused. I think that people are sometimes just ignorant of what the actual truth is. But many times people may know the truth but ignore it because they do not like it. They cannot deal with the truth because it is tough. Here is an ironic but true statement from Piper:"People lift their hand to rebel against the Most High only to find that their rebellion is unwitting service in the wonderful designs of God." God puts in people's hearts what He wants and His will can be done by both sinners and saints, through bad events and good events. God is all powerful and Wills whatever He wills. There is no such thing as a coincidence. This is because God's will cannot be compromised. It is not limited by man or anything. Even the smallest of affairs are important and predetermined by God. EVERY decision is from the Lord. Yes, Colts fans even the Super bowl this past year! There is no force above God. More questions are being dealt with: "If God is so happy, why does He need to be glorified?""How could God be so happy if sin is such a large part of the human lifestyle?""If God is seeking His own glory does that not go against the Christian teaching?" Let's call it a blog for today. Come back tomorrow feel free to comment.