obama clinton???

probably unlikely....

A little over ten days ago, Hilary surrendered and endorsed Obama for the democratic nomination for the 2008 election for Presidency.
Right after the endorsement, the media did what it does best and stressed the question: "Will Obama select Clinton as VP?" and "Wouldn't that be your best move after such a long hard race?"
Obama and crew wisely pushed the question aside and said it would be best to think it over, let time pass and the storm to weather over before making such an important decision.

One issue with this whole concept is that VPs have and always will be chosen at the Conventions...it is too early for a final decision and you are not going to get one.

I honestly do not think that Obama will select Clinton for several reasons:
1. Obama is not going to want 2 1st on the same ticket, too risky.
2. Clinton is too alike on so many issues, and too far apart on other issues
just not a compatible fit
3. Obama does not need Hillary to get Hillary's voters.
4. Obama needs to focus more on getting voters from the other side of the fence, by selecting a more conservative, more Christian, older, stoic moderate

In the news today, "

Clinton, Fundraisers To Meet With Obama"

According to the article, it seems that Obama is not considering Clinton for the ticket. This makes sense to me. although a Clinton donor on Monday called a "slap in the face."