Intelligent Design is not Creationism

I have been longing to see ANY type of empirical evidence over unguided process that evolutionists claim! There is NONE. All the evidence I have seen is shallow, stretched to the max, and not reliable at all. It is ridiculous. Thus why many scientists have turned to Design.

Design by a Creator is reality, not illusion. Some ID guys are Christians, but not all. ID does not claim who the Creator is. It just is reaching for something deeper than the Darwinism.

ID guys do not usually argue about the common descent.

ID is not based on religious texts.

For most ID guys, "God" is nature, for others, God is in nature.

Creation is separate in many ways! The Creator is identified intelligently as the Christian God of the Bible. Common descent is defeated in the Creation story line. And obviously, Creationism is based on religious text. Creationism will agree that evolutionists and Darwinists are off base in their arguments and this is why Darwinists and evolutionists claim that ID and Creationism are one and the same. THEY ARE NOT ONE AND THE SAME.

Darwinists will try to keep both ID and Creation OUT of the classroom and they will try to defeat both of us at the same time. Do not let them push the TRUTH down. As far as I am concerned let them defeat ID...we are not ID...we are Creationists! Do not let them group us into the same boat as ID!